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Management Reporting
Using our financial knowledge complemented with our technical, we design automated, accurate and reliable processes to extract and compile management reports to suit specific business needs. Such Reports can even be produced from data resident across multiple systems. Accuracy is maintained by providing numerous internal controls and checks at various stages. . This plus automated processes ensure that your staff need only spend significantly less time, each month, to produce consistent reports ,thus freeing them up for more productive/effective tasks.

Financial Data Analytics
Organisations with management information systems find useful information for strategic decision making is still in short supply and /or scattered. Despite increased volumes of data being collected, one may lack the appropriate resources to extract useful information and present it in an actionable format. We Extract Data consolidate the data and do an analysis and present the MIS reports.

Inventory Control and Sale Billing
Using our financial accounting experience and software skills we design systems, processes and controls ensuring that all despatches are invoiced even if inventory and accounting. are maintained is separate software. Due to technical skills we can automate controlling of the different software and bring about reconciliation reports regularly.

Budgeting and Variance Analysis
We consolidate or aggregate data from multiple business units and prepare budget templates according to client requirements. Automating such activities often reduce the risk of error associated with repetitive manual tasks. Other potential benefits are the protection of spreadsheets to maintain consistency, uploading budgets into ERP systems and the ability to track actual results against budget or current forecast. We design the chart of accounts in the accounting systems like tally/quickbooks etc in a manner to ensure variance analysis with actuals is easy and is done regularly.

Migrate from Legacy application to an ERP
We enable migration from legacy accounting applications like Tally, Quickbooks ,PeachTree etc,by maintaining standardisation with drop downs and password protection which enables migration from legacy applications to ERP smoothly and faster, saving businesses costs and time. We replicate ,in excel,processes, reports and generate documents for the management and once approved passed to the implementing partners ,making it easy for both parties to see what are the requirements and what are the results.

Bookkeeping and Accounting
We provide simple bookkeeping solution, customized to your individual business needs. We offer complete range of accounting and bookkeeping services for businesses. Our services can be customized to meet the specific needs of your business. Basic write-up accounting services Includes General Ledger Accounting ,Account Receivables, Accounts Payable,Cash Management, Account Closing & Reporting.
Checking data output from ERP
Leveraging our experiencing of ERP systems and knowledge of finance & accounts we are in a unique position to enable our clients improve quality of reconciliation and reduce staff costs for such tasks by implementing automated checks at each step,especially in manual intervention.