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Learn just those excel functions which can optimize and speed up what you are already doing in excel

    Learn just those excel functions which will assist in what is being done presently at your work. This will help in understanding the functions in excel in a better way to improve your efficiency in work

     Learning excel and trying to grasp more and more functions, teaches you the functions but rarely its use in actual working environment. What we do is teach only those functions which will be useful to you in your current working environment. The result is you learn excel, better and continuously improve your excel skills, improving work efficiency by reducing time and increasing accuracy at work.


Do you use two or more software for your business operations which are posted in a separate accounting software for month and year end closing?

Do you use excel to reconcile the amounts from the various reports before posting to the Accounting software or to monitor the item costs? 

Do you feel that the monthly closing can be automated by using excel to reduce the effective time, accuracy and thereby the costs? 

You give us a sample data and your wish and we revert on how we can add value to your information and if we can save time and therefore costs and with increased accuracy.


There is no additional software cost if you already have excel 2007and above.