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Business Issues

  • Not sure all despatches by your warehouse have been invoiced?
  • Not sure that the accounting software and retail software are in synchronisation?
  • Invoicing takes long delaying discounting with factor and effecting your cash flows?
  • Making pick tickets from the orders posted on buyers website is not accurate and results in charges from buyers?
  • Do you want to know the quantities available for sale based on your sales orders in hand and purchase orders issued by you?
  • Do you want to know the ageing of your inventories?
  • Do you need to reduce the time taken to know the maximum quantities you can sell as per the size ratios from your buyers and give them alternative size ratios?
  • You need to know the actual direct costs and Gross profits against each orders?
  • Any other issue ? Give us what is your wish list?

Financial and Accounting Reporting with controls and checks

  • Daily Bank Availability of Group Companies.
  • Do you want to prepare monthly budgets and monitor the budgets regularly with variance analysis department wise, location wise or way of any cost centre?
  • Is consolidate the financial statements of group companies maintained in quick books/Tally take too much time and effort, as a result not done regularly?
  • Are the branch accounts and inter company accounts reconciled and would want a report from Tally/Quickbooks etc highlighting the differences?
  • Would a cash flows in broad heads of accounts prepared from downloads of your account statement from the banks website be helpful if done on a daily basis?
  • Does the daily bank position of group companies takes too long and will help if automated from downloads from Tally/Quickbooks etc taking much less time?
  • Do you want to regularly know the variance between the Standard Direct Cost and Actual Direct cost of your product?