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Vikram Khosla & Associates is a Financial Accounting and Reporting consultancy operating both in USA and India for clients across the globe.
We specialise in building flexible, robust models, model audit review, management reporting across many industry sectors. Our models are used for corporate planning, cash flow, project finance, budgeting, costing, variance analysis, inventory control and audit of output in an ERP environment all built in the familiar Excel environment with accounting process and systems designed for specific MIS needs with almost no additional software costs.
We analyze Financial and Accounting Data from different perspectives and summarise it into useful information - information that can be used to increase revenue, cut costs, or both and ensuring that checks and controls are in place to generate accurate reports for the management.
The consultancy is headed by Mr Vikram Khosla, a CPA from USA and Chartered Accountant from India with experience in diverse areas of Financial Accounting and Reporting,Taxation,Auditing and Implementation of ERP like SAP,Micro Soft NAV as a financial consultant.